Sinuous Elegance: the FW22 by Halmanera

halmanera collezione collection calzature footswear fw22 scarpe shoes

The FW22 collection by Halmanera takes inspiration from design and architecture: the sinuous lines, synonymous with naturalness, and the essentiality of the shapes are the common thread to a modern and minimal aesthetic. And so here are shoes with an immortal charm rich in a sensual and elegant spontaneousness.

The key element of FW22 of Halmanera collection is the curved line: all the styles, including boots, sandals  and  pumps  are composed of an upper in soft and wrapping leather, shaped by the sinuosity of the lines that reach up to the cylindrical heel. The color palette, elegant and modern, consists of neutral shades, pastel colors and some brighter shades.

This collection aims to celebrate a real state of daily well-being through fundamental values such as simplicity, elegance, balance between shapes and quality of materials: those shoes are comfortable, wrap the feet of every woman without sacrificing, step by step, elegance and feminine essence
A balance designed and close to women and for women.

A femininity, that of Halmanera, which celebrates the chic of normality.