Our history



The story of Halmanera begins in 1979 in the heart of the Marche region through Giuseppe Petrelli’s energy and his strong passion for women’s shoes. In a historical period, such as that of the legendary 80s, Halmanera lays its foundations for a style that could meet a new need: to dress up the feet of all those women who decide to permanently free themselves from the classic stereotypes.

In this new scenario Halmanera decided to create shoes able to accompany all the women in this new daily guise. Nothing is left to chance, starting from the selection of materials. The luxurious leathers used for the shoe uppers give them a strong character, while the wide heel conveys strength and stability.

The result is a bold shoe marked by a strong personality enclosed in a totally Made in Italy craftsmanship. During its 40 years of activity, Halmanera has never forgotten its origins, nor its values, which are now stronger than ever with the guidance of the sons Luca and Sauro Petrelli.


The brand Halmanera puts the emphasis on a counter-trend aesthetic and breaks down the barriers of femininity made of dizzying and suffering stilettos. The Halmanera shoes peeks with envy the comfort of the male shoe cabinet and makes it own without ever forgetting the art of being sophisticated. According to Halmanera the femininity of a shoe is not given by the classical meaning of aesthetics, but by its character.

The Halmanera collections want to give voice to the practical needs of those women who have something to say, as well as a thousand things to do. Halmanera women’s shoes are synonymous with genuineness, which wrap women’s foot through a silent elegance celebrating the normality in all its forms.
“In a world full of Kardashian, be a Diana.”